Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Recently, I wrote about the Euro getting set to replace the U.S. dollar as an international carry trade and as a reserve. The truth is "nothing just happens over night" a series of events would be required to make this happen, some of which would test the ability of the Euro to be a carry trade and check for lapses.
Well, this week the Euro has shown some strong resistance to news that should have pulled it down. The EMU yearly debt/GDP ratio with Greece leading the pack, followed by Ireland, Portugal and then Spain. Joel Kruger a strategist with Daily Fx, reported in his analysis that the debt for the Euro zone soared to a record high of 85.1% in 2010 from 79.3% in 2009. Amazingly, the Euro was unmoved on the news.
In performance, the Euro's relative performance against the USD on Tuesday stood at 0.23% at about 11.00GMT, while rallying to a 16 month peak before lossing momentum for the uptrend just above 1.4650.
How about enriching the vigilant investor,speculator and bankers all alike in exchange for their support in a quest for approval? the pair of EUR/USD might have resumed its bullish uptrend runs. Over the coming weeks, the next critical resistance by the 2009 highs at 1.5145 now looks open for profiting, so if you're trading and hoping to bank some profit of at least 500 pips, so long there is no break and close back below 1.4155 which would negate the bullish uptrend runs, then this is your opportunity.
Presently, daily studies reveals that there is enough room for the pair to run in this direction, a move which is well supported in case of any setback.
If for any reason you dont believe that this might eventually happen, why not check out the list of variouse institutions, ACBs buying the pair EUR/USD for diversification purposes, leverage names, Eastern European, middle eastern and russian keen buyers, this should prove something to any serious trader.
The time is high for changes, the Euro is geared up and ready to coastal along, will you be a part of the trend or would you rather go against it? Remember the saying,"the trend is your friend".