Saturday, April 23, 2016

After You Read This You Won't Have To Turn Off Your Mobile Data Again. 

If turning off your mobile data is the best means of saving and conserving your consumable data till the next recharge date then you need not worry any more.

Mobile Data on hand held devices or smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Windows phone or Symbian has afford a whole lot of people easy assess to the Internet world and keeping that assess alive is a difficult task for most people as the phone and the apps loaded on them makes expensive usage of the data.

One major downside to data use on these smartphones is the heavy downloads though there's upload, the download by all means outweighs the upload although most people are not aware of the upload activities of their phones.

The way to manage mobile data is not in turning off the data but in the effective management of the apps consuming the data. Rather turning off the data and miss such time critical messages, important online calls, loved ones chat messages or even business emails you can control the activities of the apps themselves.

Do I hear you ask, "how do I control the apps?" its easy.  Effectively you're not able to monitor and /or control these apps in themselves but you could use other apps specifically design  to do such activities.

Effectively, every app can be managed to obtain the best of its output. Facebook remains the most active app on most smartphones so we'll use it as our main app. Although quite a handful of people uses instagram for their businesses yet it too can be controlled although  it's designed to carry heavy data across the platform where it's used.

Almost every smartphone comes pre-installed with a utility app, these apps control junks, empty folder disposal, ram cleaner or booster as the name may be.

Some of these apps are "Mr. Clean, AIO cleaner, DU Booster, just to mention  a few,  all these do a great job of cleaning and freeing up ram space to boost and maximize your browsing experience. That said, the evil with some of these apps lies not in what they claim to do business in what they secretly do when you're not looking.

Depending on the cleaner you use for your smartphone, some people have had such  dirty experience of waking up to find all their data balance gone over night. When they least expected they wake up to discover the data balance of 3GB, 4GB, 2.3GB reduced to 0GB. This can really be frustrating as the data provider can prove almost all the time that you used up the data. The truth is the apps on the phone consumed the data.

So, for the boosters and cleaners the evil lies in what they do when you least expect.
Mobogenie for instance on your phone requires that you turn "ON" your phone app permission control. 
It already has your permission to upload and download data when you install it hence even when you've installed it as an alternative to the Google play store it shouldn't be without strict permission control. 
AIO meaning All In One cleaner also has the permission to introduce other apps from its maker such  as AIO Browser,  Downloader and such.

My recommendation for apps control and data management is the Purify app and the use of "app permission management located in Settings - Security -  Device Administrator -  App Permission (turn ON).

The Purify app does strictly what's it's created to accomplish on any smartphone either on an iPhone, Android, Windows phone.

The app helps to control other apps activities both on ram space usage and data consumption. It achieve every apps leaving unachieved the essential apps necessary for the smartphone running.
It works by compiling unnecessary apps seeking data and  ram space use into a folder such that it quarantine their activities leaving you enough ram and data for your personal usage.

The app also helps fight bloatware but leaving you with the option to either remove or allow on in the phone.
The app can be installed on both rooted and unrooted smartphones. Although, you really don't need to know how to root a smartphone to use the app. Simply download, install and use no advance knowledge necessary but if you're good with smartphone schematic then you're good to go.

Enjoy your data and keep your phones online 24/7 without the fear of data loss or ram space congestion with Purify app. Purify app is available for iPhone on the Apple stores and on Google Play for Android also as an APK file click here.

Please be aware that you're responsible for your online downloads.